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Young Living's Raindrop Technique combines targeted massage with an energy approach and the use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils for a harmonizing experience. The Raindrop Technique was developed by Young Living Founder and CEO Gary D. Young, whose inspiration was derived from his experiences with Native American wellness traditions. This technique is a great way to restore yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Working intuitively, your massage therapist will deliver a custom tailored session to facilitate changes in mobility or provide you with much needed deep, elongating bodywork, using hands-on techniques or Ashiatsu. Your session may be enhanced with the use of essential oils, cbd rub, cupping therapy, hot stones or a combination of modalities to help bring on feelings of restoration and rejuvenation.

Ashi is a deep tissue technique without the discomfort of pointy elbows/thumbs. It is a barefoot massage therapy that works w/ gravity to deliver 3x the pressure than with hands-on treatment, with broad and consistent pressure. Slow, broad & compressive movements achieve client relaxation quickly, allowing more benefits in a shorter amount of time & maintains results for longer. Benefits include improved posture, increased range of motion, relief of muscular discomforts all while inducing deep relaxation. Another benefit of Ashiatsu is that it creates less inflammation and post-massage soreness when compared to hands-on deep tissue techniques. Consultation required due to contraindications.

With pregnancy, women experience an immense amount of change to their bodies in such a short amount of time, they deserve some rejuvenation for all the hard work that comes with growing a human being. Whether you are needing support emotionally or physically, prenatal massage can be beneficial during this time. Just a few benefits of prenatal massage include decreased stress and increased relaxation, potential for reducing complications during pregnancy, lower blood pressure, relieving muscle and body aches, increased bonding between mother and infant, help with digestion and decreases in the duration of labor. Mama should be at or beyond 14 weeks unless receiving regular massage prior to pregnancy.

We are in-network with Regence. For questions regarding coverage, follow the link below.
Being in a motor vehicle accident can be extremely stressful, but we are here to help! Reach out via the link below.

We exist to help you cherish and nurture yourself. Showing up as your best self physically, mentally, and emotionally is our goal, too.


I'm so excited you're here! I'm Des, Desiree, Desi... I answer to all. My passion for massage therapy started at a young age, easing my mother's chronic pain discomforts through massage. I've now been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016, keeping up with the most current and updated techniques and information. I specialize in Pre and Perinatal Massage, as well as Ashiatsu Therapy. My focus is therapeutic treatment, and my interest in growing will always be centered around recovery and rejuvenation. I honor all bodies and am a safe space for everyone, meeting you exactly where you are in your journey.

Another passion close to my heart is empowering women. I love to support women in achieving their dreams and goals, as I know we can all use more support at times. And as a mother, I will get behind good causes in our community to support the growth of our precious babies. In this mission, Cherish & Nurture offers milk drop services for milk donors approved through NW Mothers Milk Bank. Follow the link below to learn more about NW Mothers Milk Bank.

When I am not working on these passions, I am found with my family, indulging in the beauty of the PNW or crafting it up one way or another.

Connect with me on social media, or reach out via phone or email. I look forward to working with you on your journey to healing.

Desiree Fleury, LMT

"I have been getting a massage from Desiree since 2016 when she was still a student. Desiree is the most professional massage therapist I have ever met."


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